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Hírek » The old winemaker

The old winemaker

2016-03-09 21:58:13
The old winemaker

Citation from János Váry’s work titled „The Vocabulary of Winejudging”, on the 81st page:

"The time of millennium is approaching.
What will be the man of the next century – the next millennium like? Will they still deal with grape cultivation, wine making? Will they enjoy the inspiring colours, tastes and flavours of our country’s wonderful wine individuals? Or a somewhat phalanstery, the uniformising is coming, and a great amount of cheap sorts will be made by convenient technologies. Or maybe none of them?
Who knows? The life maybe won’t be suitable for us, we will contemplate this era from below and we shake our head and bitterly realize the change of time and that our offsprings in the next century may not even know what the difference is between an elegant Riesling and a robust Somló Furmint.
Or will they know however? Can it happen that that the future’s man will reserve some wonderful gifts of the nature? Will he keep and develop the grape and wine culture’s nice and colorful treasury?
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